DevOps/SRE - Data & IA

DevOps/SRE - Data & IA



With a unique combination of expertise in data science, software/IT and industrial engineering, helps industrial companies dramatically improve their operational efficiency with artificial intelligence.
As an AI Operator, offers a complete range of services, enhanced by latest technologies, to enable the development, deployment, run and scale of AI in industrial operations. has known a fast paced and continuous growth, reaching over 80 employees located in three offices worldwide: Bordeaux, Paris and Singapore.

Job description

JOB POSITION: The FieldBox platform is a unified environment which enables our customers to make the best use of their data through high-performance data management systems and artificial intelligence algorithms for industrial processes optimization. Infrastructure is at the core of our company, our product being production critical for our clients. Hence, the position brings value and a challenge.
As a DevOps, you have engineering experience, and a drive to improve systems and processes to develop solutions to evolving questions.
  • Your mission is to set up, deploy and maintain the infrastructure on which the FieldBox products run for our customers. This can be on premise or in the cloud. The objective is to offer an adequate level of service to all FieldBox users according to their needs and contracts.
  • You will also be involved in nurturing and taking care of the company’s internal IT infrastructure, that supports the daily tasks of the whole company.
  • You will work in a DevOps and Site Reliability Engineer team, who deals with infrastructure that is deployed worldwide. You will collaborate with Project engineers, Software engineers, and Data Scientists to improve our products’ performance and security,
  • You will also develop innovative solutions, and improve the way they are deployed, all with the objective to minimize failure rates and increase overall system reliability.
This position will give you the opportunity to learn and perfect your skills with a large spectrum of hosting and deployment technologies. You will also have the chance to build and specify future infrastructure, in order to get the best level of service associated with the best cost and the easiest way of deployment.

Preferred experience

PROFILE: Skills we look for:
  • Experience with Linux system administration,
  • Knowledge of dockerised and orchestrated (Kubernetes) environment
  • Good scripting ability with Bash, Python, Ruby, or Perl,
  • Experience with working with GCP
  • Experience managing databases or search engines, such as Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, Cassandra, Redis or ElasticSearch,
  • Ability to work both autonomously and in a team environment
Candidates with the following attributes will be considered with greater priority:
  • Good communication skills both in French and English
  • Experience with system management tools,
  • Experience with Helm charts
  • Knowledge of server hardware and/or experience working with other cloud providers (AWS, OVH, ..),
  • Knowledge of Terraform
  • BSc/MS in Computer Science.
Some of the technologies that the FieldBox products are built with are python, react, django, javascript, erlang to name a few.
Join us to contribute to building the next generation of AI platforms for industry.

  • Competitive salary based on your profile and experience.
  • You will work independently in a team with strong technical skills.
  • You will work in a quiet and pleasant environment in the center of Bordeaux, overlooking the Bassins à Flot,
  • You are joining a company where kindness and respect allow everyone to realize their full potential.

Back-end engineer

Back-end engineer

Front-End Engineer

Front-End Engineer

Stage Recrutement Tech

Stage Recrutement Tech


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